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Sends in the armed forces quiet blue - d…  

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Sends in the armed forces quiet blue - dawnauthor

Shangguan Yinglu

Sends in the armed forces quiet blue - d… - 晨曦 - 晨曦博客


and the dawn isuniversity schoolmate, in the one day of classroom sat one to puton military uniform's girl suddenly, gentle attractive, at thattime we thought are surprised, simultaneously also envied, she wasthe army committee cultivates the political legal system study.When matriculation, had already obtained military academy'sassociate degree.


 Our time's university student, likescomposing a poem, each article regular professional training'speople thought nearly he one day to become the poet, or the writer,also will sometimes hold a broken guitar in the weekend, will playan instrument and sing three wool olive trees in the campus “not toask that I will come ..... from where”


School days' weare very joyful, the spare time compared present's universitystudent, was relatively sufficient, after every day late studiedindependently, lay down on the dormitory bed, started to talk atlength the insane person Nietzsche's philosophy, the ancient Greecephilosopher, Socrates's philosophy, in our school buildingdiscussed that Socrates were many some, here also simply introduceshis background, Socrates; (Greek article: σωκρτη (c. 469BC -399BC)), this had once become a soldier the philosopher, threetimes enters a war, about 40 years old to time has the fame,afterward by “disrespected the god which the country presented thatand propagandized other new gods, ruined the youth” the charge issentenced, once had the opportunity which fled many times, but hasbeen rejected by him, he was willing to obey oneself country thelaw sanction on his, when 70 years old took poison in the prison tocommit suicide.


Socrates, the lifehas not left behind any literal work, but his influence is actuallyhuge, affects our that generation of university student's thoughtthat Socrates's theory is having the mysticism color, he thoughtthat” the space and the ground thing, their survival and thedeconstruction, are the god arrange specially, therefore theresearch nature is blasphemes the god,”, therefore he concentratesthe energy research logic morals question.


But each timediscussed these questions time unavoidably disputes, sometimes evenquarrels, but each second-rate everybody quarrels the time which isheavily engaged the expectation look will go to the dawn, hopedthat she can manage “just”, but this time, the dawn will put theSong jambic verse connoisseurship which at a moderate pace willstart to hit, will look at us to say; “continues, stops does? Thesuch meaningful matter should struggle old, struggles dies, youlook that I do? I do not have that level for you to explain thatthat deep knowledge, I only knew between schoolmate must in afriendly way be together, to some outlooks on life the argumentmust have the discretion…”By her saying, everybody was not said aword, turns off the lights sleeps, continued to “tomorrow”, shouldthe struggle on the struggle, be supposed to quarrel quarrels,finally the dawn same day's concluding remark, then sleeps.Afterward became one custom unexpectedly, year after year fouryears.


Many years havepassed by, now remembered dawn at that time appearance were reallylovable, she was our class age is youngest, reviews in successionmost schoolmates, afterward we knew that she once had gone when thefront entered a war, always entangles her to say the position thestory, but when this time, the dawn displayed that kind of unusualexcitement, we continuously many years later could have theexperience.


 in the university four years, we stillcontinued to compose a poem, when we 10 years later has a reunion,already was the mother, the manner wife, but the poetry stillcaused our heart to be young, caused our heart to depend on suchnear, has filled to the life creation and the fervor. In today'ssociety, is called as by the human the poet, not so was as ifalready thrilling and has worshipped, the poet, this in our collegedays, side's of the worship noun, in today this vulgar colorfultime, somewhat makes one as if avoid.


But, according toofficial statistics, China composes a poem the human has surpassed5,000,000 many unexpectedly, every year has the officialpublication book number publication poetry anthology to haveseveral thousand volume, in the network, the poetry isexceptionally active. Everywhere, the people still like composing apoem, still the poetry writing, takes the mind one kind ofreposing, because the poetry language is beautiful and the fining,it is shining, is not tolerant of other people abandons it,moreover the poetry and can purify the self-soul, sometimes Ithought that even if one day, this world has not had a thing in theworld, I believed that “the poetry” has been living, will eliminateunder the time tide and dissipates, should be these seeks fame,abandons the literature soul the vulgar generation, they havebetrayed the poem soul, betrayed own soul, Qu Yiying has presentedsome politicians, such poetry notPossibly has the vitality. Onlythen has the human who the lofty belief and never says theabandoned faith, can in years which lives together with the poem ingrowth.


 The dawn, is called from 15 years oldthe poet, her poetry, is one kind of complete mind exposed, thesuch unique way, has manifested she self-poetry esthetics, believedin me, a good poetry should probably think it displays the contentand the direction, the language structure as well as some can weighaltitude, but the dawn thought; “the poetry, is talks with themind, if cannot record that flash really the feeling, then perfectpoetry, also does not have the significance. Can only call that itcareful design's some perfect text which refers for thehuman…”


Therefore in herspoetry, is frequently is moving by the sentiment, but is not thestack magnificent literary flourishes wins favor by ostentation,her poem for me one kind of unusual move, when very chilly US, but,her poetry's connotation actually needs to savor carefully, canunderstand gradually…She is good at from the side excavation poeticsentiment, loves the way takes certain specific marks, uses for toexpress the side and the innermost feelings some real, reads thedawn the poem, if you pause merely at love affair's social stratum,that was equal to said that to at present for to, you basically isone has not spelled over.


 She emphasizes the poetryexpression_r_r_r_r_r not desirably esthetics manner, also not in thepoetry writing's whole pursue, she is she completely cautious,looked like a person at the tired time, such sat the time alonelanguage, was also likely that kind between friend's said on and onthe daily family activity, this was a classification person nostyle really, I read on her blog poem, on the blog prose, speakingof the dawn beforehand work, relatively rough somewhat, did nothave the artificial trace, I want the dawn, to treat as merelypossibly here the later poetry element materials storehouse, manyneeded certain carving, her this simple way, causes me to remembertime our schoolmate's scene, we at that time, were simplyinconceivable, have left behind our happy youth memory, this let usarrogant and the proud life time interval, engraved between us thedeep friendship and pure.


At that time wecompose a poem, in the chest some are the poem fervor, it rushes inours chest cavity is welling up, even causes young us to be unablealone to walk, each time finished a poem, we exchanged mutually arefeeling, sometimes will cause to experience the specially depressedmatter, when we completed to think the best quality goods in highspirits the good poem, but others already forestalled in eachpublication magazine to publish, although we never had to lookbeforehand, but innermost feelings that kind depressed was unablethe word table, I believed that each writing creators have comeacross such matter, general processing method, onDoes not have thelanguage to put aside silently, the time gradually also graduallyhas forgotten steadily.


But the dawn, isdissimilar, her idea made us to feel a mind's comfort, each timeexperienced the similar matter, she categorically said to us, “, ifyou beforehand really not intentionally plagiarism, but the sosimilar work, took the commercial publication to be truly notsatisfactory, because very difficult to limit the right and wrong,composed a poem is originally for the tax evasion, annoyed theright and wrong not to have the significance, but might engage inintrospection, whether these writing did express your thing, ifwere, do not want to be so complex, might sign own name, collected,or served as in some later work, because,This is your soul thingtruly, nobody stipulation, other poet has used, you cannot useagain, but to avoid malicious the plagiarism, do not take thecommercial publication,” for example; Describes Yangtze River andYellow River's sentence, five millenniums used down, youcontrasted, the renowned poetry's author only has also traded oneplatoon example method, has played a word game, but expressed theideal condition was truly dissimilar, such thing had theindependent vitality, that why has arrived at here not to be ableto use? , Sentence of can these essence vanish from ours writing?Much less, the train of thought is interlinked, you can think thatwhy others can't?


The dawn is suchreal, she from university starts, ever does not conceal own idea,she said that she do not make one to use the writing to trade ricebowl's professional poet, with hers words said that “I write thepoetry, is because of own with is not happily happy, is with ownsoul to words, as for others, you are willing to look looked, isnot willing to look you may not look ......” she is such onemanner, displays completely.


Afterward, afterthe graduation, she comes back the army, I go to Britain to studyabroad, each other has also sent some publication poetry anthologyand the prose collection, is short chapter that kind, we havecorresponded, each other is supporting, the poetry, is our lifecontact only reason nearly.


The dawn likes XuZhimo and the Irish poet Ye Zhi poem, sometimes her poetry receivestheir style the influence, what but are more is she exposed runsthe mind, if the quartz is ordinary, tumbles appears specialglittering and translucent carving on the natural lawn.


When I write thiswriting time, I always reappear the dawn to wear the militaryuniform pretty form at present, feels is the poetry, caused her tomaintain the mind world to be chaste, causes her soul to promoteunceasingly. In her present's short-term work, still has sameyear's that kind rarely “weak”, but is exactly these “weak” ismoving me, lets my tears go for a stroll gracefully in herswriting.


Yes, many yearsago, that happy poetic appeal, the youth surges the years, alreadybecame our life the memory, but the years precipitation gets downthe friendship actually causes our each other continuously thepoint of view which fills to the life feels grateful, now, we havethe enterprise which one love, has itself lofty ideal and thecorrect life belief, as well as to poetry, prose being deeply inlove.


I knew, even ifone day, this life's theater already the nobody left, all audiencepeople left us to go, but, we are deeply in love the poetry not tobe able to abandon us, it will forever be stationed in ours heart'score.


Stems from thiskind of emotion, I must publish a poetry anthology for the dawn,the dawn raise Italy, may send some her abundant friend outstandingpoetry, gathers in this collection sub-publication, I express theapproval, we should have more chapters, expresses to the worldheart of love, because all poetries have a subject, that is - - theuniversal love.


inOctober, 2009 in Beijing Shangguan Yinglu

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